Concrete General, Inc. is a Heavy Highway, Bridge, and Utility Contractor in the Maryland & Pennsylvania area who performs many types of projects. CGI is well experienced with competitive bid, negotiated, and design-build projects. Type types of work included:

Excavation & Grading
Traffic Control
Clearing & Grubbing
Sediment & Erosion Control Services
Storm Water Management
Storm Drain

Water & Sewer Main
Concrete Pavement & Patching
Asphalt Paving & Patching
Railroad Work
Retaining Walls

Our in house capabilities also include: Safety, Scheduling, Surveying, and Quality Control. CGI can offer your firm a highly qualified and respected Team of design and construction professionals with proven experience in the design and construction of similar roadway projects. We are prepared to provide the necessary financial, material, equipment, labor, and staff resources to perform any project.

Concrete General, Inc. is very interested in any construction project that your firm may be involved with. CGI is a general contractor with expertise in the construction of heavy highway, roadways, bridges, parking lots, and utilities. We have additional experience in the design-build method of project delivery, including the US 29 at MD 198 Interchange and the US 50 HOV Lane Widening Projects. Other experience includes MD 28 Riffle Ford Road Construction and Widening, US 29 at Briggs Chaney Road Interchange, and the Montrose Parkway Reconstruction and Widening. With annual revenues of 51 million CGI serves as the Prime Contractor for many construction contracts throughout Maryland and is responsible for all phases of construction, utility relocation coordination, contract administration, partnering, and project management. CGI will get involved in all phases of the projects, beginning at project initiation, through construction; and will accept liability for performance of the contracts.